A Subsidiary Of Medical Marijuana Inc MJNA Hits The Highest Notches In Revenue Generation

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A Subsidiary Of Medical Marijuana Inc MJNA Hits The Highest Notches In Revenue Generation

The stock of Medical Marijuana Inc  OTCMKTS MJNA  closed at $0.102 losing 6.33% in yesterday’s trading session.  HempMeds® Mexico has generated the highest revenue ever since the establishment of Medical Marijuana back in 2017.It happens to be the company’s subsidiary and its great performance has been praised by a number of market analysts who believe that it is on track towards achieving immense business success.

Competition in the industry has been growing stiff with the passage of time and that has caused most of the product providers to try all within their means to put themselves ahead in the game.The large milestones HempMeds® Mexico achieved by the company in terms of business operations is a matter continues to attract interest and attention in equal measure among most of the industry leaders.

It has been doing pretty well in the provision of non-psychoactive cannabidiol products to a large number of persons living in Mexico. It was one of the first companies that managed to gain approval to move ahead and export medical cannabis product to Mexico. At the moment, Mexico is undertaking the exercise of restructuring its policies in line with Cannabis.

An analyst following ion the matter closely said, “In order to import its CBD hemp oil to Mexico, the Company had to develop a product completely free of THC. They achieved this by isolating the CBD within its hemp oil, thus eliminating the trace amounts of THC in its hemp oil to make RSHO-X™.”

It was back in November when Raul Elizalde, the company’s president, gave his speech to the United Nations. This was at the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee Meeting on Drug Dependence and he called upon all the top global leaders to support his line of thought. He wanted them to change their perspective and stop scheduling CBD as a drug but rather as a form of supplement.

The appearance by this top official was recognized by quite large number of the international media .He targeted raising awareness on the global need to expand access to CBD.

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