Is Bitcoin Rhodium BTR An Improved Version Of Bitcoin BTC?

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Is Bitcoin Rhodium BTR An Improved Version Of Bitcoin BTC?

Rare limited and resistant are some of the terms that have been used to describe Bitcoin Rhodium BTR, the latest cryptocurrency trying to differentiate itself from Bitcoin BTC. So what is unique about this virtual cryptocurrency that sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies, let alone clones of the much popular Bitcoin?

Below is a simple a guide to all you need to know about the new kid on the block

What Is Bitcoin Rhodium

Bitcoin Rhodium is a community-based cryptocurrency that can be used to store value for the future. It is named after ‘Rhodium’ an element that is ‘extremely rare’ and harder to find than gold, yet precious. The virtual currency is being developed by an open source community and can be mined just like any other digital currency in the market.

Its main goal is to provide a payment method besides being a real valuable commodity with investment prospects.

Why Bitcoin Rhodium Stands Out

Bitcoin Rhodium is different from other clones of Bitcoin on the fact that it will only have 2.1 million coins in supply, which is only 10% of Bitcoin BTC total supply.  Bitcoin Rhodium will have a block size of 4MB and a block interval of 10 minutes which is an improved version of Bitcoin BTC. It has a difficulty adjustment of 2 weeks.

The cryptocurrency uses Proof-of-work blockchain through which 50% of the total token supply will be mined, 40% given through airdrops and the remaining 10% divided among developers. The tokens are to act both as a cryptocurrency and as a real commodity.

How To Invest In Bitcoin Rhodium

To invest in Bitcoin Rhodium one must participate in airdrops as the company does not have any planned Initial Coin Offerings. The company has already carried two airdrops. To be eligible to participate in airdrops one must use their Bitcoin Wallet. For every 1 BTC, one is entitled to 10 BTR’s

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