BitFlyer Adds Computer Language Co-Creator as Advisor

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April 6, 2018
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BitFlyer Adds Computer Language Co-Creator as Advisor

BitFlyer has employed the co-creator of a programming language to act as an advisor and help with its scaling as well as enterprise blockchain efforts.

Tom Love, who is the co-creator of the programming language Objective-C which is notably used by Apple in its iOS and OSX operating systems – will be in charge of advising the didgital currency startup on both technology and strategic initiatives. This was announced by Bartek Ringweski, the chief operating officer of the startup.

Ringweski added that bitFlyer is particularly hoping to leverage Love’s experience so as to help it build on the ‘miyabi’ private blockchain, which he termed as “the fastest blockchain in the world”, which is capable of handling between 2,000 and 4,000 transactions in one second.

The company is now hoping to develop a “programming language which will allow developers to interact with miyabi, and which they are more familiar with just like a traditional database.

Love said that the language will be clear, simple to use and easy to understand. Love has a lot of experience having started his career at General Electric Company. Additionally, he has held several executive management positions and Morgan Stanley, IBM and ITT. His role at bitFlyer will mark his first entry in the blockchain industry. Despite being new the sector, Love noted that the company is a natural fit.

Love said that he has a long history of working with important technologies, a trend which he says started back in the 1970s. According to Love, this opportunity is a similarly significant and important technology.

Ringweski noted that Love has a lot of experience and will be very fruitful to the company in its endeavors to expand. He added that the company is already offering exchange services in 43 states, in Japan and the EU. Ringweski said Love will not only be helpful on the technical front but also beneficial for his experience on regulatory and business matters.

Love said his experience has comes from working in large companies as well as launching new companies. He noted that he has a lot of experience and a wealth of contracts which many companies especially startups can find very useful.

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