Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Will Now Highlight News Stories Shared By Your Network

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Will Now Highlight News Stories Shared By Your Network

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has announced the launch of a new feature on all major platforms as it seeks to expand its reach as a news platform. According to a report by Buzzfeed News, Twitter will start highlighting new stories which are tweeted by people in the user’s network. The company will also display the tweets which mention the story just below the link.

For the past few years, the social media giant has been working hard and reinventing itself so as to position itself as a new platform as opposed to being just a micro-blogging platform. In April 2016, the company changed its category on App Store from “social networking” to “news.” Additionally, the company launched the “explore” tab where it aired live news as well as highlighting from media organizations and journalists. Tweeter is working hard to position itself as a leading destination for breaking news stories by ensuring that tweets which are relate to major news stories and current events are correct and accurate.

However, the process of ensuring the accuracy of news shared comes with several challenges. Recently, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey gave a public apology to Candace Owens, a conservative activist after she was labeled “far right” by Twitter. Currently Owen works with Turning Point USA, which is a conservative activist organization. She has however denied being a member of the far-right organizations.

Putting these challenges aside, the company’s push to be the leading news platform makes a lot of sense from a marketing and business perspective. Twitter has been struggling to maintain its advertiser base despite its social currency. The company has been working to develop a unique identity beyond just people following their favorite celebrities. By putting a lot of focus as well as creating an environment for discussions which are based on current issues, the company is likely to succeed in tapping into the energy which makes it attractive to many users.

Its push into the news sector is just one of the ways through which the company has been trying to attract new users on its platform. One of the controversial actions that Twitter has taken has been to double the character limit on tweets. This is aimed at keeping users more engaged.

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