Value Investor Tuesday Morning Update – May 8, 2018

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May 8, 2018
Cblocks Cites Regulatory Hurdles In Its Relocation To Canada
May 9, 2018
stock market looks familiar

Value Investor Tuesday Morning Update – May 8, 2018

Good Morning… Doesn’t This Look Familiar?!

Have you been watching Block One Capital US: (BKPPF) & CA: (BLOK.V)? If you haven’t, you should be! But if you have been, it’s time to take a closer look and here’s why:

This Is A Familiar Situation To Many Of Us

BKPPF | BLOK.V could be set up for something that we’ve seen numerous times since March. A pull back to the high $0.40’s followed by a big run up. BKPPF | BLOK.V has now managed 3 clear breakouts for gain potential of 25% to 39% within a matter of days!

On Friday (5/4), BKPPF | BLOK.V pulled back once again to these levels around $0.47 and yesterday (5/7) could mark the first candle toward yet another move up. The question now: Will The Next Move Take This To New, All-Time Highs? Start prepping for the open and…

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