Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM) Plans to Establish Footprint in India with The Launch of iQOS smoking device

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Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM) Plans to Establish Footprint in India with The Launch of iQOS smoking device

Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM) has staged a decision to enter the Indian market with iQOS smoking device targeting tobacco smokers.

Less Harmful Sleek Smoking Device for Indian Smokers

India is the biggest nation in the world in terms of population smoking tobacco products. The pen like sleek device emits a nicotine containing vapor than burning the tobacco. It is less harmful to the tobacco smoking population in India when compared to the conventional tobacco products. It just heats the tobacco to deliver the utmost smoking pleasure for the users. However, the temperatures are lower than 350 degrees centigrade. The device does not produce fire, combustion ash or smoke.

According to the recent estimates, 5 million adult smokers have already chosen iQOS Smoking device from the conventional tobacco products. The device uses a sophisticated electronics to heat the tobacco and provide satisfactory smoking experience to the users.

The company is putting in considerable efforts to slowly dissuade the users to quit smoking of cigarettes altogether.

According to the recent statistics, the tobacco products are killing more 900,000 people in India annually. The adult smokers in India is estimated at 106 million. The government has put in place stringent laws to deter the use of tobacco products.

The Indian market is lucrative for Philip Morris to increase its sales. According to the estimates of WHO, India is the second to China in terms of cigarette smoking population.

Indian Government Ready to Meet Philip Morris to Dissuade Users of Cigarette

The government in India is waiting with an open hand if Philip Morris is ready to introduce an innovative device to explain the users about harmful effects of smoking cigarettes and persuade them to quit smoking.

The federal government is favoring the launch of less harmful smoking devices e-cigs. But, it is not averse to banning them entirely if they are found to be harmful to the health of the smoking population at any stage.

According to the sources familiacr with the plan of Philip Morris, the company is finalizing the branding and price of the product for its imminent launch in India.

Venkatesh, Senior Corporate Affairs Executive, is on the hunt for a senior executive for its Indian launch of iQOS smoking device.

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