About Us

Value Investor (ValueInvestor.com) is one of the fastest growing online destinations for undervalued stock alerts on new companies that the market hasn’t found yet.  Price is what you pay and value is what you get, which is why the main focus on Value Investor is to identify real opportunities in the market that could offer investors a chance to see companies from their grass roots to real real ground floor opportunities.

Our subscribers have been able to see mining companies grow from concept to full production, emerging biotech companies go from pre-Phase 1 all the way to FDA approval, tech companies from blue print phases all the way to commercially retailing their products, and of course our subscribers have seen the budding businesses in cannabis literally grow from seed to sale, now with the addition of the crypto / blockchain sector there has NEVER been a better time to create your own market success story.

The value & price model is our mantra because the markets are all about making money. By handpicking featured companies, our members are allowed access to in-depth research and detailed reporting on some of the market’s most valuable, hidden prospects. We show you these early opportunities before the Wall Street elite have a chance to catch on. With a keen sense of trend spotting, ValueInvestor.com is becoming the premiere destination for real, actionable ideas offering short, mid, and long-term potential for our members.